#sewingflat: building community

#sewingflat flatlay

Do you have to adjust patterns to fit? I generally haven’t needed to so far but i appreciate that it’s often not so easy.

Quite often we see tutorials for full bust adjustments, but small bust adjustments seem to be talked about less. Except when pregnant or nursing, I’ve always had a small bust but for years I masked it with padded and uplift bras. Now that I’m learning what my new shape will look like and wearing softer bras, I might need to start thinking more about this.

On that basis, I’ve started the #sewingflat tag on Instagram. It is a bit quiet at the moment but I’m hoping it will grow!

This week I’ve been working on another bra, the first of my #2019makenine projects and also my #sewmystyle2019 January activewear project. Its the Cartesian Crop by Sophie Hines and I’ve used a printed stretch mesh from The Shuttle over some soft jersey (poly/elastane or nylon/elastane) from B&M Fabrics that I’ve had for a while and was left over from a top I sewed last year. This version has no side seams, which is really helpful for reducing irritation. I used fold over elastic, 12mm bra strap elastic and a 25mm fastener from Sewing Chest, with 20mm plush elastic from Samuel Taylor for the band. I made size medium based on the internet measurement and didn’t make any adjustments, which was fine. The elastic means that I’ll feel secure with a breast form if I choose to wear one, but it’s comfortable on my flat side if I don’t want to and gives me enough support.

I don’t feel like modelling my bras for you at the moment so am relying on Verity to do that for me. Overall, I’m really happy with this bra and will be making at least one more, using the pattern with multiple panels but probably with a seam-free lining for comfort.

Cartesian Crop front view

Cartesian Crop back view



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