Thinking ahead


I wasn’t going to make any sewing plans for this year, largely because it hasn’t been very productive in the past and because of my changing shape and recent uncertainty. This week I’ve been determined to take some positive steps now that I’m recovering from surgery and waiting for the pathology results, which we hope and pray will show that there is no remaining sign of (potential) disease. It all went well, I was home after an overnight stay, and I’m feeling better every day.

This positive mindset led me to put together a #MakeNine collection, mostly of patterns that I’d already decided would be sewn up in the coming months, to keep me motivated. Six of them are for me and three for my long-suffering husband. I’ll aiming to stick with #SewMyStyle2019 as well, as far as I feel able to; for January there’s a convenient overlap between the activewear options and my choice of the Cartesian Crop, which gives me a good start. I’m starting to get an idea of my new shape, which isn’t as radically different as I had anticipated, and good underwear will be important for my confidence, especially as I recover and become more active. For years I’ve mostly worn padded bras and denied my true shape; it’s liberating to rediscover the freedom of being myself.

The patterns are:

1. Coat no. 9 from Hors-Série 5H of Couture Actuelle (the French version of Patrones), which I plan to make in red wool coating from The Shuttle

2. 1940s Wrap Dress from Sew Over It

3. Chino Le Culotte/ The Cheeky by Patrons les BG (owned by two contestants from series 3 of Cousu Main, the French Sewing Bee), in a cotton twill from The Shuttle.

4. Watson Bra from Cloth Habit

5. Cartesian Crop from Sophie Hines in stretch mesh and jersey

6. Morgan Jeans from Closet Case Patterns in grey/blue organic denim and dark blue denim

7. Men’s Caban Jacket from Burda Style 10/2018

8. L’Audacieux/ The Bold Boxers &vest from Patrons les BG

9. The Blouse from The Avid Seamstress (I cut out two of these before the new year, so can make a start as soon as I feel ready; one is in viscose and one in cotton lawn).

Are you taking part in – or leading – any sewing challenges? Pleas share your links if you are!





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