Fibre Mood Holly Dress

I’ve really enjoyed wearing my Myosotis dress and thought it was time to try a different style on a similar theme. I’ve made lots of summer dresses but not so many for the cooler months and after not making many garments for quite a while now, I’m more able to see what the gaps are in my wardrobe.

I’d seen this pattern in issue 6 of Fibre Mood, a relatively new Belgian sewing magazine, and had almost used it with the green Atelier Brunette fabric, but am glad I waited and found something different. I searched all over for a print until I found this remnant at Sew Me Sunshine, of a tiny red and white star print on dark navy viscose twill.

The pattern is satisfyingly simple and tracing the pattern pieces was a fairly quick process. The quality of the fabric made it easier to cut out than I have usually found to be the case with viscose! It’s not as voluminous as some of the similar high street styles and is quite narrow (but wearable) on the shoulders. I’ll be wearing it with a narrow velvet belt that I bought last year at Fabworks.

The instructions are mostly pictures, which I like, but there are more detailed written versions available to download too. I simplified the sleeves by omitting the cuffs, largely because I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cut the sleeves at full length. I’m not a big fan of fussy details so having sleeves this length works well for me in any case. It feels elegant but simple and comfortable enough to wear for everyday too. I’m very happy with it.

I’m still enjoying running and have just completed a 10 mile/ 16km race this weekend, with two half marathons planned for later in the year. I’m exhausted today, but pleased with the result (1:26:04, which gives me hope of breaking 2 hours for a half marathon).

If you feel able to support me in fundraising through running the Leeds Half Marathon for 5k Your Way – which aims to help anyone affected by cancer to become more active through local parkruns – I’d really appreciate it! It’s just a year this week since I got out for my first run, and I had no idea what the consequences would be. It’s been a very good thing for body, mind and spirit!


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