Sewing hope

I have some very, very good news to share. This morning my breast care nurse called me and explained that the histology was as hoped. The DCIS cells that were removed at the time of surgery had remained in situ, had not become invasive and my lymph nodes were clear! They’re recommending no further treatment, and annual mammograms on the remaining breast to keep an eye on things (where there’s no sign of any trouble at present). I’m going back tomorrow to have the wound checked and then on Monday to see my surgeon. The relief is HUGE.

I’m still recovering from surgery, in body, mind and spirit. Having only one breast doesn’t yet feel real and it will no doubt take some time to adjust to this change. Next week I’ll be continuing with counselling to help me work through all that has happened and the lifelong impact that it will have. I’m so blessed to be able to access support at the Yorkshire Breast Cancer Haven.

Last week I was able to get back to my sewing machine, making pants/undies to match my bras. That felt so good, and they fit well too. This week I decided to try sewing a weighted breast form for swimming and Pilates classes and to adapt one of the swimsuits I sewed last summer, the Bombshell by Closet Case Patterns. I’m really happy with the outcome and can’t wait to try them out. The breast form uses the foam cup pattern from the Jordy Bralette by Emerald Erin, a back piece that I drafted by tracing round the cup, swimsuit lining to create a pouch, with poly pellets (in three channels in the pouch) and a scrap of bath scrubbie as fillings. I used a zigzag stitch to join the two front pieces and then overlocked the edges with a 3 thread narrow stitch.

For the swimsuit, I used the halter cup pattern piece, folded down at the required height, cut out a double layer of power mesh with a fold at the upper edge, inserted some clear elastic under slight tension and overlocked over it along the edge. I then unpicked the topstitching at the sides and lower edge of the swimsuit cup, tacked the pocket in place and topstitched again to secure it.


I’m really looking forward to getting some exercise again, and joining a local gym is high on my list of priorities. How are you looking after yourself in this new year?



8 thoughts on “Sewing hope

  1. That is such wonderful news and such a relief! You have been so couragous on this unrequested journey so far and I wish you all the spirit and strength you need to carry you through the next steps.

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  2. What great news! How lovely to be able to start the year with that. This blog post can’t have come at a better time for me. My Mum has recently been struggling with how she looks in a swimming costume post mastectomy. She’s ordered a special waterproof insert but it wasn’t what she expected. I’m thinking that I could make a weighted insert like yours and it would be perfect! Thank you so much 😊

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    • Thank you! It’s been a strange few weeks. I’m glad that is might be helpful in some way. Another option is an Aqua Knocker from Knitted Knockers. They’re lightweight and designed to hold minimal water.


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