From disappointment to opportunity

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. All is well, as much as it can be during a pandemic, I just lost the writing habit again.

May hasn’t been as expected (local elections and two big races) but I took up a few other challenges instead, which has helped to make it more positive.

Instead of the races, which I had planned as fundraisers, I decided to take on the #twopointsixchallenge instead, committing to at least 26.2miles a week from April 26th until today. It’s been tough some weeks but it was good to have something to keep me motivated and focused. Thanks to the generosity of many, over £500 will now go to support the work of MOVE and 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer! Donations are still welcome here. I ran 235km/ 150 miles in 5 weeks and a day, finishing with a hilly 10km run this morning, and even ran my second ever half marathon (the first was in 1997!).

Much of my sewing has been pandemic related, helping make scrubs for a local hospital and madks/ face coverings for friends and family.

My wardrobe additions have been everyday basics: two pairs of Workshop Emily culottes and two Maven Patterns French Dart Shifts, a Paper Theory Zadie jumpsuit and a Deer and Doe Myosotis dress. They’ve all featured in my Me-Made May outfit choices this year and feel interesting, comfortable and wearable. As usual, blue features heavily in cotton and linen fabrics, mostly plain but with stripes and faces here and there!

Tomorrow (June 1st) we go back to home learning for the girls after a week’s holiday. We’re having some good and some challenging days with this, but they’re generally managing it well and the maths is still at a level that I can manage!

I’ll be looking for some new challenges in June but won’t be rushing into anything. How are you getting along? What is helping you day to day? Have you been making anything?


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