New Year’s Resewlutions

Since we stepped into the New Year, I’ve enjoyed watching a selection of #NewYearsResewlutions videos on YouTube. The challenge has been set by Boz and Candy and seems a good way to continue reflecting on the past and coming years. I have no plans for videos so thought I’d answer the questions here instead.

1. What’s your favourite make of 2017? Why?

I made so many garments last year that it’s hard to choose just one, but my Little Red Dress and wax print Sienna dresses are probably my favourites.

Little Red Dress:

I sewed Vogue 1208 in red wool crepe, which was my first bias cut garment for some time. The first one I remember making was in 1998 when I was a student and I’d just got to grips with garment sewing. It was a delight to sew and to wear this dress for a family meal just before Christmas.

2. What did you attempt in 2017 that you won’t be doing next year? Why not?

I made far too many impractical – but beautiful – dresses and had few occasions to wear them. This year, dresses will have to be practical ones, unless a special occasion arises!


3. What are you going to continue doing?

One of the best things about last year was building friendships with other sewing-minded folk and feeling less isolated in my making. That’s definitely where I want to invest time and energy, in listening, learning and creating together.

4. What are you going to try next year?

I intend to keep learning and refining sewing, fitting and finishing techniques, especially in making the most of my cover stitch machine. In February I’ll be making (another!) coat as part of #sewmystyle and would like to make it slowly and thoughtfully.

I’d also like to plan my sewing better so that my wardrobe is more coherent and that getting dressed in a morning is less stressful! I’ve bought the By Hand London sewing planner and have downloaded the Seamwork planner so will use a combination of the two.

5. Where do you see your handmade wardrobe by the end of next year? What about in five years?

I would like to have a handmade wardrobe that is practical, suited to my needs, sustainable and stylish. Im getting there steadily and wear  self-sewn clothing most of the time. This week I stocked up on versatile basics in the sale at The Shuttle to help me fill some gaps, including the Melody trousers from my ##2018makenine plans.

Self-sewn underwear is part of my longer term plan, both this year and beyond, as that’s the area that I have worked on the least so far. It’s not something I want to rush. My experience of sewing for my husband has been mixed so I’ll be looking to sew more menswear and work alongside my daughters to help them develop their sense of style and perhaps learn to sew their own clothes too!