#2019makenine: Watson Bra

Yes, it’s another bra! The last few weeks have been busy for all sorts of reasons.

I’m getting back to full strength (8 weeks since surgery!) and have started running and joined a gym for the first time in years. It has given me a huge boost but takes up more time than I anticipated. On Friday I spent my first day volunteering in a local school, supporting students and staff in textiles and design/ technology, which will become a weekly commitment if it works out well. The local election campaign is building up too. It’s a test of my organisational skills and stamina!

So, back to sewing, which has taken a bit of a back seat of late. I’ve been snatching a short burst here and there and have finally finished one project today, which feels so good.

Watson Bra by Cloth Habit

The Watson Bra by Cloth Habit was one of my #2019makenine choices as it’s an elegant shape that offers lots of possibilities and is a step up from some of the designs I’ve worked from so far. It’s still a soft bra, which is what I feel most comfortable in (although I have a couple of more structured RTW mastectomy bras for days when I want full scaffolding!). Because of the shape it hasn’t been necessary to add a pocket and it feels secure with a breast form thanks to the close fit (which I think is improved by the lining).

Watson Bra back view

The only change I have made is to mind the cups, which adds stability and covers all the seams. I cut the cradle lining from mesh and the remainder of the lining in a lightweight jersey (both bought in a destash bundle from Elise Patterns). The outer is in a 95% cotton/ 5% elastane jersey from B&M Fabrics in Leeds. I used a white picot elastic for the upper edges,  wider picot for the hem band and satin faced/ plush backed elastic for the straps (both from Evie La Luve, as was the back fastening.


It’s really comfortable and I love the long line shaping. There will be more of these on my work table soon, I’m sure. My only  slight complaint about the pattern instructions is the lack of detail on the length of the upper and lower edge elastics.

Later this week I’m going back to the hospital to explore the possibility of reconstruction with a different surgeon. There’s no guarantee that I’ll be offered anything better than before, but I feel I need at least to nudge the door open. I’m thankful to be well but feel really sad about my changed shape at the same time. We’ll see…


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