Velvet dresses

Pink velvet Groove

We have found that each of the four of us has a distinct colour palette, which makes fabric shopping much easier! The Smaller Small likes pink, peach and purple whereas the Big Small – like me – veers towards greens, blues and greys. Mr T. opts for a fairly subtle palette of green, blue and brown.

These dresses are my most recent makes for them, ready to wear at Christmas and beyond.  Both are made from the Groove Dress by Madeit Patterns, which is a lovely twirly style with lots of options for hem lengths, necklines and even a hood. There’s no gathering, no waist seams, no fuss at all, so it’s a pleasure to sew.

Cutting out

All the seams are overlocked with a 4 thread stitch for strength and the hems are cover stitched (using a wide 2 needle stitch for the pink and narrow 2 needle for the blue).

Navy velvet Groove

Rather than lining the hood on the pink dress, I hemmed the front edges and didn’t use the neck binding to reduce bulk.

The pink crushed velvet is from B&M Fabrics in Leeds (and is from the same range as I used for the Gemma dress); the navy blue spandex velvet is from Lucky Fashions in Dewsbury.

Next up on the sewing table will be a much needed wool coat.  It’s all cut out so now is the time to get sewing. See you on the other side!


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