Seasonal Sparkle

I always look forward to seeing the projects and patterns in Sew Now Magazine. There are usually several pdf patterns and projects as well as the printed patterns, offering a broader range or creative opportunities.

The Christmas sweatshirt by MadeIt Patterns in issue 14 grabbed my attention immediately. My girls love sequins – especially reversible ones  – and I decided to combine the two for their Christmas sweaters. I already had a good stash of sweatshirting from Fabworks and The Shuttle and some ribbing from B&M Fabrics so only needed to source the sparkles. Together we chose a gold/green fabric from Oh Sew Crafty.

Sequin tree

When using a pattern for both girls, I generally cut out the larger size (11-12) and trace the smaller one (9-10). I also traced the tree pieces for the larger size so that they could be cut as a single layer rather than on the fold, which involved folding the tracing paper and tracing the pattern on one side and then the other.  All six tree sections fitted perfectly on 1m of sequin fabric, cut on the cross grain to gain a vertical swoosh of sequins. I made a mistake in tracing one piece twice in both sides, only realised it after cutting the fabric and so had to adjust the lower side pieces accordingly.

Sewing the fabrics was easier than I expected. I’d been told that a Microtex needle would be ideal and happened to have some on hand, which worked well. When sewing the sweatshirting to sequins, I found it fed best with the sequin fabric as the upper later and the knit fabric underneath. I used fabric markers to locate the notches and a mix of entomology pins and Wonder Clips to hold the fabrics together. I sewed it all on my Janome CXL301 using a narrow zigzag stitch as it felt more controllable and less likely to cause bulky seams than overlocking.

We’re all very happy with the results!


I have plans for more sparkly sewing, using this good flecked plissé fabric from The Shuttle to make trousers for the Big Small,  a skirt for the Smaller Small and a dress for me, also using the velvet  (a bargain remnant!) I plan to reveal the dress on December 1st at the end of #owop17.  20171106_18450

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