Cocoon Coat

Cocoon Jacket collar

Cocoon Jacket pocket

Sew Different Cocoon Jacket

I bought this beautiful fabric almost a year ago and had originally planned to make a second Clare Coat from it. I changed my mind this weekend when watching the new Sew the Trends video from The Fold Line.

The Cocoon Jacket by Sew Different has been a wardrobe staple since last winter, but I tend to wear the two I have as cardigans or on mild days as a lightweight coat. The increasingly cool Autumn weather prompted a warmer make – at some speed – and this is the result.

I made a few small changes to the original pattern:

Grading up two sizes from my original choice to give more ease and adding 5cm /2″ to the length.

Drafting a separate collar for the front panels.

Cutting the back panel on the fold to give a little more room and reduce the cocoon shape in the lower back, to make it wearable over layers.

Merging the sleeve and cuff pieces to create one piece sleeves and adding 18cm/ 7″ to the overall sleeve length.

Creating a full lining in taffeta to add weight and warmth. This was cut 2cm shorter on the sleeves and body so that is less visible at the hems.

I can’t wait to wear it!


5 thoughts on “Cocoon Coat

  1. That coat definitely looks nice and toasty for the winter. I really like the fabric. I was thinking of making myself a tweed coat for the winter, but I am a bit nervous as tweed tends to be so expensive.

    Emily at

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