Scars and stitches

Craft can help us communicate when words are simply inadequate. I wondered how to explain to my wonderful surgeon just how much her care had impacted me both physically and emotionally.

I felt as if she had stitched hope back into my broken body, so my response was best made in stitches. After a few test pieces and receiving doodles and descriptions from other women who bear the scars of breast surgery, this was the result. It’s worked on natural linen in simple stitches and I really enjoyed the work that went into it. I gave this to her, with a card that put into words as much as I felt able, earlier this week at my post op review.

I’m now able to sew at my machines – in short bursts so I don’t strain my muscles too much – but this gave me a gentle way back into sewing that reflected my thankfulness.

There’s a lot of healing still to do, especially in all the hidden layers under my skin, but progress is good so far. I’m astonished at my new shape and feel much more like myself again.

Image shows a circular wooden embroidery hoop, framing natural linen embroidered with simple images representing scars resulting from breast surgery

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