Sewing Summer Essentials: Liberty Lawn Scout Tee

Scout Tee on washing line

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It’s such an exciting moment when someone you admire offers you the opportunity to work together! A few weeks ago Lucy from Sew Essential sent me a message asking if I’d like to make something with one of their products and talk to you about it. Not surprisingly, I said yes.

We decided that a pattern and fabric would be a good option, so I chose the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio and a bright Liberty cotton lawn. The simplicity of the pattern offers a perfect opportunity to use a special fabric and I have loved Liberty prints since childhood.

Scout Tee and Fabric

The pattern has just four different pieces (front, back, sleeves and neck binding); I opted to use ready made bias binding as I had some in a similar colour and so I needed very little fabric. For (US) size 6, the front and back pieces fitted neatly next to each other with the fabric folded in to the centre on both sides.

Cutting layout

I then opened out the remaining fabric, folded it to the required width and cut the sleeve pieces.

I find it easiest to finish most of the raw edges at the start of a project, which in this case included the sides and shoulders of the front and back panels. To reduce bulk, I overlock the raw edges around armholes together rather than separately, once the seam has been stitched. The mix of threads reflects the colours in the print and makes the inside of the garment more interesting!

Thread colours

I switched the construction around a little, based on experience, so started with the shoulder seams, followed by the neck line binding (easier with a flat garment and no sleeves to catch in it), then the sleeves – which I set in flat – and the side seams.

For the hems, I stitched 6mm/ 1/4″  from the edge, turned the fabric under along that line, stitched again, then turned and stitched once more to give a tiny hem. This gives a neat finish that should last. With such beautiful fabric, it’s worth taking time to ensure that a garment is finished well.

Stitching first turn of hem

Scout Tee on grass

The pattern and fabric do seem to work well really together. It’s an easy piece to wear and the fabric washes well and handled hot weather with grace (essential at the moment as we’re experiencing a heat wave, which is also why the photos are all a bit washed out). I wore it when travelling for several hours on Friday and it still looked presentable – I think! – when I called in very briefly at Sew Essential, which happens to be just a mile or so from the campsite where we were staying with my family (entirely by coincidence, although I’m not sure my husband believes that!).

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