Me-Made-May so far

This is my 4th Me-Made-May and it’s a special time of year for me as it was the springboard back into sewing a handmade wardrobe three years ago after a seven year gap. Having young children brought about all sorts of changes, and dressmaking had been set aside for most of that time, although I’d enjoyed focusing on crochet and other sewing projects once we passed the toddler stage!

I’ve been posting on Instagram every day but have now cleaned up my feet a little and put together summaries for the first 18 days. It helps me to see the bigger picture of what I have (not) been wearing and where any potential gaps might be.

Days 1-9

Me-Made-May 1

We’ve had wonderful weather through most of the month so far, with chilly mornings and cool breezes, so layering has been crucial. Some mornings have taken me up to 4 me made garments worn all at once!

The first few days were taken up with supporting my husband and his fwllow candidates in local elections and the next few were needed to recover from the many miles walked and hours of sleep lost. Comfort was therefore essential and loose clothing in natural fibres dominated my choices.

Days 10-18


Shades of blue and green dominate, as is usual for me, but with flashes of red and yellow here and there. The willow dome (grown over the last 5 years or so, from saplings) at the bottom of our garden became a favoured spot for photos thanks to the dappled light and built-in handy phone holder options! I happened to be wearing linen and silk on the 13th, which happen to be two of the items associated with a 12th wedding anniversary.  Just like a recent Royal couple, we were married on the day of an FA Cup (soccer/football) final in 2006.

I feel more confident in my me-made clothes than I ever did in high street purchases, but did wobble a little when we met Patrick Grant at the Festival of Making last weekend and I was wearing a completely self-sewn outfit. (Simple Sew Shannon trousers, McCall’s M7542 blouse plus Sew Different Cocoon Jackets and a Kommatia J006 waxed cotton jacket.) It was lovely to talk to him about fabric, textile heritage and garment production at the Community Clothing shop.

Are you taking part? What have you discovered so far?

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