Fabric from afar

Indigo vines dress.jpgI’m always a little hesitant when I receive a message from someone I don’t know but this was a lovely surprise! Vishruti from Fibers to Fabric contacted me via Instagram a few weeks ago, asking whether I’d be interested in working together. I investigated a little and then decided to go ahead as I have such a huge love for Indian and sub-continental fabrics and designs.

Three prints7.jpg

I chose an indigo floral vine print and my daughters opted for bright border prints;and we paid the difference between what Vishruti so kindly offered and the total.

Just 7 days later our parcel arrived, which I thought was pretty amazing! I hand washed each fabric separately as the colours bled quite significantly.  Fabruc drying.jpg

We haven’t sewed the girls’ skirts yet but will do soon. They’ve both been enjoying sewing so I’m looking forward to it.

I chose a simple shift dress pattern, McCall’s M7533, which I shortened by 2-3cm to fit it on 2 yards of narrow fabric. The pattern matching across the back was the happiest of accidents as I had only a few centimetres of space to manipulate the pattern pieces and the back panels were pushed right up to the selvedge. The print is so neat that it aligns almost perfectly.

I’m absolutely delighted with the results. The dark print prevents a fine cotton from becoming too translucent and it’s a dream to sew and wear.

I’ll certainly be ordering more fabric from Vishruti and would – without hesitation or coercion! – happily  recommend both the standard of the products and courteous customer service.


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