#2018makenine: Areli Blouse

It’s the wrong time of year for a sleeveless blouse but the need to sew something beautiful and simple was more important on a grey Friday and having not made any progress with my #2018makenine it seemed a good way to start.

I stitched the sashiko panel  on Sunday afternoon but haven’t had much time to sew this week. After a short but enjoyable trip to the Sewing For Pleasure show yesterday (and lots of reading time on trains) I was ready for  quiet day at home, staying out of the rain, so started work on this blouse – Areli by Republique du Chiffon – mid-morning today. By early afternoon (after a few fatigue -induced mistakes) it was finished. One down, eight to go!

There are just three different pattern pieces: upper bodice (x4), skirt/lower bodice (×2) and the bib (x1). I’ve used a linen/cotton mix from Fabworks and a sashiko kit by Olympus from Japan Crafts.

The construction is fairly simple: stitch the skirt pleats, press the edges of the bib or apply piping, construct the bodice (a little tricky but the wide shoulders help a lot!) and attach the skirt, then top stitch the bib in place.

I’d like to make a longer version next time to wear as a dress or tunic, with some Mexican- inspired floral embroidery.

Are you taking part in #2018makenine ? I hope you’ve made more progress than  me, but don’t worry if not! It’s intended to be a gentle challenge.



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