Named Clothing Gemma Maxi Dress

As soon as I saw this pattern in the new Earth Science collection from Named Clothing, I fell for it. The combination of the fabric colour and texture in the original photo and the unusual construction drew my eye. It includes both a fitted dress and more relaxed sweatshirt option; I chose to use the digital pattern and printed it at home. The layered pdf made it easy to print just the size I needed (although I forgot to include the text and borders on my first attempt). I have made size 38 with no alterations. Named Clothing

For this version, I chose a blue stretch velvet from B&M Fabrics in Leeds. My husband liked the red but it was too bright for me. This blue has depth and a slight twinkle too, so seems perfect for winter.

I cut it out one evening once the girls were asleep, them started sewing after taling them to school the next morning.

The construction takes a little patience and careful reading of the (very well written) instructions. It isn’t excessively complex, but the nature of the fabric I chose added to the challenge. I relied on a lot of carefully placed pins but would have benefited from tacking  (basting) in places to reduce the number of attempts taken to match up the seams and notches.

This fabric stretches out easily so there are some slightly wobbly bodice seams! I’d suggest using a long stitch if overlocking/ serging, to reduce the bulk where multiple pieces meet.

I stitched the hems on my cover stitch machine, which didn’t struggle with the fabric. A few small sections needed to be redone as I’d missed the raw edge; this could have been avoided with more careful pinning or perhaps using fusible hem tape.

Hemming velvet

I’m relieved that it fits well, especially with the slightly unusual sleeves and shoulders that looked very odd on my dress form. My 7 year old said it was amazing and asked if I would be wearing it at Christmas,  which is high praise indeed!


I’ve posted a review on The Fold Line and plan to do this for most of my makes as I’ve found reading reviews by other stitchers so helpful.

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