Sew busy

September always seems to be a very busy month! Three years ago I attended both the Handmade Fair and Yarndale; this year the Great British Sewing Bee Live and Yarndale were even closer together, so last week flew by in a crafty flurry! I haven’t sewed much as a consequence of travelling  (I was fortunate to stay over with some dear friends in North London before the Bee), teaching crochet cables at Yarndale – which took a lot of preparation but was great fun – and family life. Mr T. has been extremely busy with work at the same time, so we’re both exhausted!

The photos show just a few of the highlights and some of my purchases. The Sewing Bee Live was lovely, not too busy but with plenty of sewing friends to chat to, and I only bought a small amount of fabric from Girl Charlee and Community Clothing. That was cancelled out by a big investment in a Janome CPX2000 Cover Pro!

At Yarndale, I bought some locally spun merino from Laxtons, sari yarn from La La With Love, textile yarn from Creative You, hand dyed yarn from Crafternoon Treats and the beautiful new book – The Accessories Project – from Joanne and Kat at The Crochet Project (more than I planned for!). I’m particularly looking forward to trying out Ancient Oak, which is a gorgeous cabled hat and scarf set.

Now it’s October and I’m managing to get some sewing done again, so hopefully I’ll be back to more frequent short posts again, once I find a rhythm.

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