Textile Travels

It’s been a busy week with lots of travelling and not much sewing (apart from 20 buttonholes in one afternoon…more on that soon).

Last weekend we set out early for a short trip to London, for some family time and to celebrate the baptism of our friends’ new baby daughter. By mid morning we were in South Kensington, and after a few hours at the Science Museum we crossed over the road to my all time favourite,  the Victoria and Albert Museum. An outdoor lunch in the courtyard refuelled the girls and after initial grumpiness they loved the Balenciagaexhibition and delighted in sketching and photographing the beautiful dresses and outfits.Balenciaga at the V&A

After the baptism and picnic on Sunday, just before heading home, we squeezed in a short visit to Liberty.  I have a life-long love of Tana Lawn in particular and was keen to  show the Smalls  (and Mr T. ) this place that is so special to me. They were more enthusiastic about hot chocolate in the cafe and the rather lovely stationery room on the ground floor!


This week the Smalls have been spending their days at an art course so I’ve had some  time to myself. The release of the Coco Jacket by Sew Over prompted a trip to Dewsbury for suitable fabric. This beautiful blue, white, pink and mint tweed and a matching lining are from Fabworks.

Tweed &

I bought a yard each of these fabrics from Lucky Fashions (open on Wednesdays and Saturday)  and am waiting for the Smalls to decide what they would like me to make.Swiss Dot & Pineapple

Thursday took me to Keighley, where my parents and grandmother live. There are several haberdashery/fabric stalls in the market hall and another shop close by that is packed from floor to ceiling with South Asian Trims, ribbons, lace and buttons at astonishing prices. I’d seen some lovely trims in Dewsbury market but these were even better! I came home with 8 yards of ribbon, a long piece of braid and two lace collars.

Collars &My one concern is the conditions under which the makers are likely to be working. I’m reading Slave to Fashion  by Safia Minney, a tough and thought-provoking reflection on modern slavery and child labour in textile and fashion industries, so this is on my mind more than ever. I’ll write more about this soon with links to useful resources and information.

Slave to Fashion

I’ve rounded up the week with a morning in Skipton, catching up with Lucy, Tracy and friends at Creative Coopers. There are two weeks left of school holidays here so I’m hoping for some relaxing days with family and friends and plenty of crafting time.

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