Pattern matching challenges

Fabric & pattern choices

On Monday morning, issue 10 of Sew Now flew through the letterbox. I was busy with some planned crochet  (more on that soon) but took a little time to lead through and immediately fell in love with both patterns that were included with it: the Sienna Dress by Simple Sew and Kwik Sew K3553 pyjamas.

Both are relatively simple patterns but I chose fabrics that made them more challenging and decided it was a good time to refine my pattern matching skills. I’ll explain more about the process in a future post and will keep this one short.

The dress pattern has a centre front bodice seam which I chose to omit;  this made the neckline shape less dramatic but it sits well with the print.

The pattern is matched down the centre front  (on the fold) and centre back (along the seam and zip). The repeated flower design – which I chose to use on the cross grain – made matching manageable. The only difficulty i faced was with easing the sleeves as the fabric is a little stiff and prone to puckering.

Back skirt pattern matching

Simple Sew SiennaThe pyjamas were more tricky to cut and a couple of mistakes forced me to patch in pieces in three places, two on the back of the top and one in the packet facing. Given hardly anyone sees me in pyjamas I accepted this as a lesson in slowing down and marking out every piece with chalk before cutting anything out! I used most of the full 3m piece of fabric, on the cross grain (again!), with only a few small pieces left over afterwards.

Kwik Sew pyjamas

I’m very happy with the results and have worn the dress to our girls’ school fair. Both were enjoyable to sew and I’d recommend them both.

Fabrics: Tacking boats print by Seasalt Cornwall

Hollandtex wax print fabric from Leeds Markets


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