#Sewmystyle April: Sew House Seven Bridgetown Dress

We had a busy few days last week, which saw the start of our girls’ school Easter holidays, so I focused my creative efforts on just a couple of projects (a crocheted llama and party dress). By Sunday I was looking for a relaxing make to see me into the new week.

It seemed like a good time to start my April #sewmystyle garment, which also called for something to wear underneath it due to the very low back. The patterns are the Bridgetown Backless Dress and Tunic by Sew House Seven and the Silk Cami by Sew Over It. Both fabrics were bought locally (the viscose at Dewsbury Market and silk at The Shuttle) and had been awaiting a good use for a little while.

Both patterns come with excellent instructions that cover even the trickier aspects in clear detail; having cut them out on Sunday, I’d finished sewing them by mid-afternoon on Monday.

I made no changes to the dress and am very happy with it; having bought two pieces of viscose at the same stall, I’ll probably make a second one in the navy blue with flowers, which will also go well with the cami. I’ve found using a rotary cutter helpful with this fluid fabric, as I can use my left hand to steady the pattern piece (at a safe distance!), reducing movement of the fabric while cutting.

For the cami, I attempted a narrow rolled hem on my sewing machine, using a special foot, with mixed results, so unpicked it, pressed the hem flat and sewed on a narrow cotton lace trim instead, which was much neater.

I’m delighted with this combination and am looking forward to seeing lots more versions of the dress through #sewmystyle on Instagram.  If you’re making one do please post a link in the comments. I’d love to see your work too!

3 thoughts on “#Sewmystyle April: Sew House Seven Bridgetown Dress

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