#2017makenine: Moss Skirt

Looking for a skirt that would become a wardrobe staple, as part of my #2017makenine planning, led me to this pattern by Grainline Studio.

The fabric was harder to find, as I knew exactly what I wanted – velveteen in a strong green or blue – but after a long search online I found some fabulous teal stretch cotton  on eBay. The pockets are lined with an organic cotton print by Skinny laMinx for Cloud9.


It’s taken a while to get around to sewing this (although I’ve been working on plenty of other projects) but once I got started it was a quick make. I cut it out on Sunday evening while my husband watched a TV programme that didn’t interest me and sewed it all on Monday. First thing on Tuesday morning I got the hammer out and put the button on, then wore it happily all day!

The pattern was easy to print and piece (a printed version is also available) and the instructions were clear in general; although a couple of aspects weren’t as clear as I’d like (I confess to being quite particular about instructions) it all worked out fine. I am now planning to add a lining as it sticks to my tights a little too much.

The only change I made was to use the hem band for the longer version as a single layer, as there wasn’t enough fabric (I’d bought 1m) to double it and it would have been quite bulky with the fabric I chose.


Would I recommend this pattern? Absolutely! I’m looking forward to making some more to see me through the seasons. Which fabric would you use?



11 thoughts on “#2017makenine: Moss Skirt

  1. I agree, it’s a cracking pattern. I think it would also look good as a “traditional” jeans skirt. But I am also partial to a white or ivory summer skirt, in linen maybe?


  2. Your Moss Skirt looks awesome! I made a Moss Skirt in the fall and really enjoyed it! The only thing I didn’t love was the pockets. I wish I would have added length to mine too – but I made the one without the hem band. I compared it to the Chi Town Chino Skirt on my blog a couple weeks ago. Have you made the Chi Town Chino Skirt?

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    • Thanks so much! Strangely, I really like the pockets (though the instructions weren’t great for where they meet the zip fly). I’ve not come across the other skirt so will have a look at your blog post.


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