#sewmystyle March: Leggings

Having enjoyed the January and February #sewmystyle challenges, I was a little hesitant about the March pattern choice – Megan Nielsen’s Virginia Leggings – and had considered skipping this month.

Once I realised that I had some suitable fabric in my stash (95% organic cotton/ 5% elastane from  Maud’s Fabric Finds), I decided that I would have a go after all.

The pattern was very easy to print and piece together. There are just two different pattern pieces – much to my delight! – and so it’s also quick to cut out and sew.

imag1655I enjoyed making the first pair so much that I bought more fabric – this time scuba from The Shuttle – and made a second pair the same day! For these I cut the same size but used smaller seam allowances because of the thicker fabric and used the lightning bolt stitch and twin needle on my sewing machine.

Having cut a size Small for the legs and hips, I graded up to a half-size larger for the waist, which worked well. For the next pair I’ll increase the rise a little at the back (as that’s where I curve the most!).

If, like me, you’ve been hesitant about sewing leggings, I hope that sharing my experience early in the month will encourage you to have a go too!


9 thoughts on “#sewmystyle March: Leggings

  1. Wow, Eleanor, you certainly are fast, having done the March challenge with March hardly begun!
    I have wanted to sew leggings for a while but could never decide on a pattern. How high is the rise on these? I’m after quite high rise ones …


    • Thanks! I have to say, even the higher rise sits low on me so I need to make some adjustments. They’re certainly wearable but I’d like a little more coverage. The simplicity of the pattern should make it fairly easy to alter.


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