#sewmystyle February: Saunio Cardigan


After sewing last month’s #sewmystyle challenge – the Toaster Sweaters – I was excited about another cosy make for the chilly weather.

Unfortunately, good sweater knits aren’t the easiest to find! Having searched all over, I went back to my stash and realised that I had just enough of this stable, striped knit fabric from my Granny. She stopped sewing a good few years ago and occasionally passes some of her stored up treasures on to me.

The pattern – Saunio by Named Clothing   – is a quick and relaxed make. The pdf pattern is set up such that it has to be traced as the pieces overlap, so can be printed on just 12 sheets of A4 paper. The stripes on this fabric were relatively straightforward to match up, which made laying and cutting out a pleasure and not the challenge I was anticipating.

Named Saunio in vintage knit

I confess I didn’t use the instructions as I just wanted to get on and sew! Dropped shoulders make inserting the sleeves simple and everything went together without problems.

I’m really happy with the results and am looking forward to showing my Granny what I’ve made with her fabric. I’ll definitely use the pattern again and have some plans for modifications, one of which is inspired by Jessica’s belted version at Little Miss Lorraine.

You can explore the Sew My Style makes on Instagram here. I’d love to see what you’re making!


4 thoughts on “#sewmystyle February: Saunio Cardigan

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