#TheFabricTag: 12 questions for fabric lovers

#TheFabricTag was started by Lisa Emerita and Renata of RunningNStyle, and I decided that, being such a lover of fabrics, that I’d join in here on my blog. I’d love to hear your responses to the questions too! I’m heading out fabric shopping with friends soon so need to be quick…

1. What is your favourite fabric to work with?

Cotton lawn is probably my favourite, though there are lots of others that I like too. It’s bright, light and wonderful to sew. I especially love Liberty Tana Lawn and have done since I was a little girl rummaging in my Grandma’s box of fabric oddments.

2. What is your least favourite fabric to work with?

Slippery synthetic fabrics really annoy me! Sewing my Anna dress was hard work as the fabrics wouldn’t lie straight to cut or stay in place when sewing them. This pink velours was awful as it both slipped and rolled at the edges.

Pink Velours

3. What is your favourite fabric to wear?

Soft but sturdy cotton, mostly denim or corduroy. It’s warm and cosy in a damp, cold climate and gains character with wear and age.

4. What is your least favourite fabric to wear?

Cheap synthetic fabrics that catch on my (often sharp) nails or feel rough against my skin. It takes me back to wearing school uniform (and for the same reason I don’t wear blue and white striped shirts, no matter how lovely they look).

5. What is your favourite texture to work with?Lace and Eyelet Cotton

Embroidery and lace are my absolute favourites. I also love the textures of velveteen, corduroy and barkcloth, smooth silks, cotton lawn and batiste.




6. What is your favourite print?Velveteen and Solseteur Liberty Tana Lawn

Prints inspired by nature are my favourites. The gorgeous green-blue print is Solseteur Solseteur Liberty Tana Lawn, derived from a digital photo of a sunset in Iceland. Quirky prints appeal to me too, especially when I’m sewing for my daughters.


Sewing Machines and Monsters Tulips and Roses Prints

7. What is your favourite colour palette?

I almost always choose blues and greens. I suspect it comes from growing up in a village near the sea, surrounded by wide skies and green fields (although the North Sea doesn’t often look very blue!). It also suits my colouring.

8. What is your least favourite colour palette?

Brown, orange and burgundy/maroon don’t appear in my wardrobe, handmade or otherwise. They suit my sister but do nothing for me at all.

9. What is your favourite fibre content to work with?

I choose natural fibres whenever possible, mostly wool, linen and cotton fabrics. For crochet I love working with alpaca yarns.

10. What is the first fabric you worked with?

My earliest – and very happy – fabric memories are of my Grandma’s lovely box of oddments. There were pieces of cotton lawn, parachute silk and other treasures. At school we stitched small samplers on Binka canvas, which were turned into pen pots, then when I was about 10 I remember sewing a little hanging organiser, in horrible pick polyester fabric that caught on my fingers and felt really unpleasant.

11. What is your ultimate fabric goal to work with?

This is a tough one! I’ve had the privilege to work with so many fabrics over the last 35 years or so. I’d like to use more ethically and sustainably sourced fabrics and am working towards that at the moment.

12. What is your ultimate garment to construct with your favourite fabric?

A Vogue evening gown in silk would be a dream garment for me. I enjoyed the challenge of making an evening dress with a boned inner bodice some years ago and would love to see what  I could create now.



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