Enable: Goals for 2017

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Until now, I have not often taken time at the start of a year to plan ahead for my crafty life, (or for life in general). This winter I’ve been less under the weather than the last few years) and feel more able to think ahead, which is an encouragement to me in itself.

Crochet plans are still under development. It has been more than a year since I last wrote a crochet pattern or tutorial, although I hope that there will be some to offer you before long.

Two big collective sewing projects have caught my eye and inspired me to plan my sewing and work in a more sociable way, even when I’m sewing alone at home.

The first project that I’ve committed to is 2017makenine with Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille.


Above, you can see the nine patterns that I have chosen. They are, working left to right and top to bottom:

Fairfield Button-Up by Thread Theory

Anise by Colette

Victoria from By Hand London

Neenah from Seamwork Magazine

Imagine by Louis Antoinette

Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio

Tulip Skirt by Sew Over It London

Astoria by Seamwork

Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio

My aims with these choices are to fill gaps in my wardrobe, to develop my skills, to start making clothes for my husband – hence the shirt – and adapting patterns to fit my daughters. The Tulip Skirt is, as you may have seen, already finished and I love wearing it. I’ll certainly be making some more and might also try incorporating it into a dress.

To see more of what others have chosen, you could take a look at the #2017makenine tag on Instagram.

If you would like to try out Seamwork Magazine, which gives you two pattern credits per month for quick makes (or you can save up three for a Colette pattern!), you’re welcome to use this referral link to subscribe and save half the price of the first month’s membership.

SewMyStyle with Alex Bartholomew of Bluebird Fabrics is the second project that I’ve decided to join. This one involves a monthly sewing schedule, with one pattern per month and some guidance from bloggers who share their own experiences. I’m not sure I’ll sew every one of the patterns, as they’re not all to my taste, though some of them might be adaptable to make them more wearable for me.

I have really enjoyed sewing the January pattern, the Toaster Sweater #2 from Sew House Seven. I made this in boiled wool jersey from B&M Fabrics in Leeds, which was a delight to sew and suits the shape perfectly. For once, I moved away from blue and chose a soft rose pink. The pattern is put together thoughtfully and the instructions are excellent, so sewing the side splits and hem detail was a pleasure rather than a chore.

Having fallen in love with this pattern, I decided to try out version 1. It has a funnel neck and a waistband and cuffs, so there are no hems (often good news with knit fabrics!). It’s a quick make and took about an hour and a half from cutting out to finishing.


#SewMyStyle on Instagram

Overall, I would like this to be a year of enabling, in family, creative and work life. I’ve been given so much and would like to find ways of using my gifts and skills more effectively for the benefit of others. Suggestions are welcome!

4 thoughts on “Enable: Goals for 2017

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year, there’s some great patterns in your make nine. I thought about the sew your style too, but there were too many of the patterns that would me, but I’ve loved all the sweaters this month, now that is me!! 😀

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