Me-Made May ’16: My pledge

mmmay16finalLast year, quite close to the start, I discovered Me-Made May and really enjoyed rediscovering my own handmade wardrobe and that of many other creative folk around the globe. I’d just started sewing more garments for myself and my girls so it provided some much-needed motivation.

Since then I have regained my love of garment sewing, which had dwindled somewhat during the early years of parenthood, and it has become a family affair, with the girls choosing fabrics and patterns for their own clothes and developing their own sewing skills. My husband is patient with our processes but has yet to join in!

Here is my pledge for this year’s event.

I, Eleanor Thomson… sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2016 and to finish the coat that I have been planning for the last few weeks, facing up to some of the trickier aspects of garment construction that I usually dodge.

Which coat? Not the vintage pattern I picked up a while back but a beautiful design from Closet Case Files called Clare. I bought a printed copy from Fabric Godmother as although I’m becoming more accustomed to working with pdf patterns, I didn’t like the idea of puzzling together something so complex. I’m making it in a denim melange from Fabworks and lining it with parchment coloured cotton lawn. Cutting out has to start very soon as our big table needs to go into storage while we have some building work done!
Clare Coat








Alongside this, I’m joining in Mend It May, with the intention of working through my mending pile, reusing what cannot be mended, and learning new skills as I do so. My grandmother’s manual of plain needlework and 1970s Reader’s Digest sewing book will no doubt be very useful. I’ll share more of what I learn over the next few weeks.


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