Crochet cables

January was a month of making hats, mostly of the cabled kind, for family are friends. It hasn’t been a very cold winter here in the UK, but the persistent wet weather makes it feel chilly as the damp and wind seem to get through everything.

I discovered Stephanie Lau’s patterns at All About Ami, tried one out and then kept experimenting. The first was made in Lion Brand Heartland Tweed (Glacier Bay), working to the pattern until I ran out of yarn.

The set of three in shades of Cygnet Yarns Aran Tweed (Teal, Willow and Bramble) are variations on the pattern, with the main change being the use of alternate front and back post stitches to form the ribbed band – rather than the suggested method of working a band in back loops only and working into the side of it – and the pale blue is in Stylecraft Life 4ply (Ice Blue).

I intend to write up the pattern for the 4ply hat in the coming weeks.

Teal cabled beanie by nelnanandnora

IMAG11574ply cabled hat by nelnanandnora

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