Sapporo Scarf

Sapporo ScarfSometimes I find a beautiful skein of yarn and only later decide what it might become. That’s what happened with this Rowan Baby Alpaca DK. It was on offer a while back in a big outlet shop and I picked up a couple of skeins. Its simplicity, drew me to  broomstick lace to create a little scarf which will is now on its way to a friend in snowy northern Japan.


To make this scarf, you will need:
25mm knitting needle (a broom handle or 30cm ruler can be used instead, or smaller knitting needle if you prefer).
4mm crochet hook (or to suit your chosen yarn).
50g of Rowan Baby Alpaca DK (sadly discontinued but still available at some retailers; for alternatives see DK (8ply/ light worsted weight) could be used but results will inevitably vary.

UK terms used throughout. UK dc = US sc.

R1: dc in 2nd and each subsequent stitch (30dc).

R2: pull up loop from hook onto needle. Insert hook into front loop only of next stitch, yoh and pull up a loop. Repeat in each stitch to end (30 loops).

R3:slide first 5 loops off needle and onto hook. In this group and at the start of each alternate row you need to work a locking stitch. Lift the loops off the broomstick,yarn over hook and draw a loop back through the four large loops (one loop on the hook); yarn over hook and draw through the loop. Work 5dc into the set of loops. *pick up next 5 loops, 5dc into loops* and repeat to end of row.

Work R2 and R3 27 times more, so that you have 28 rows of loops, finishing with a dc row. Break yarn and weave in ends.


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