Playing Catch-Up

I’m not going to apologise this time for another round-up after a few weeks. It’s just how life is sometimes, and I’m slowly learning to relax and accept some things as they are.

It’s been a busy month, with some making for myself and the girls, including these angels’ wings for a school Nativity playAngels' wings. They are quite simple, made from a piece of wadding/batting sandwiched between two pieces of cheap silver fabric. I started them on Wednesday afternoon and finished them just before school on Thursday! If you’d like the pattern I drew, I can scan it and share it as a pdf – just leave a comment.

That has been typical of my recent makes, now I come to think about it. Increasingly I’m drawing or developing my own patterns for both sewing and crochet.

This morning I had the joy of giving a customer (this is rare, I must explain, as I don’t make to sell very often any more) her two tea cosies. It was an unusual experience, communicating in person and over the ‘phone rather than online, but quite refreshing. We leafed through Pinterest together, came up with a rough plan and she entrusted the rest to me. I confess I am really delighted with the results! I will be writing the pattern for the sheep this week, all being well.Susan the SheepStrawberry tea cosy

I’ve been travelling more than usual, visiting  Manchester last weekend with my husband and going to the Handmade Christmas Fair. We stayed overnight and had a rare meal out together, much later than usual and feeling very grown up (I even wore heels!).

Manchester CentralOn Saturday morning it was a short walk to Manchester Central (we could see it from our hotel room!). I stopped at the snowflake display and spotted one that I had sent in for the appeal.

In the Super Theatre, I enjoyed Home-Start Treelistening to lovely Lucy from Attic24 and Kirstie Allsop chatting together about colour, crochet and a creative life, then caught up with Lucy, Mr. Attic and Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats over coffee.

I have a milestone birthday coming up in a few days and wanted to find something for my girls as ‘unbirthday’ presents. On my way in I’d spotted Matt Chapple from the Sewing Bee with his dinosaur tail kits and had a quick chat with him, then went back after coffee to buy one for the Big Small. The Sew-a-saurus is adorable and I’m really excited about making it with her! Refreshingly, there are several cheerful colour options but no suggestion of different boys’ or girls’ designs.

I had a short list of stalls to look out for in the Shopping Village, including Eternal Maker and Miss Clementine, then spotted some gorgeous doll kits at Wild Things and bought one for the Smaller Small. Last but not least I bought some gorgeous sea green and white striped organic cotton knit fabric from Maud’s Fabric Finds.

By lunchtime I was tired and had found all I needed, so headed out for lunch with Mr T. and a friend. We were ready to escape the city by mid-afternoon and headed home.

This week has been a bit of a jumble, as the Smaller Small has been unwell and wasn’t at school for a couple of days. We had lots of hugs and some good time together despite her being poorly.

Thursday came round and she was feeling much better (which I hadn’t expected as she had been really worn out on Wednesday) and was determined to go back to school, which left me free to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.

I especially enjoyed the exhibitions this year (though the shopping was less successful), and was delighted to find that the Sophie Digard/Selvedge Magazine display had made it to North Yorkshire. No more words are needed for these beauties.





2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Hi Eleanor I found your blog from the wingback because you linked to mine – it was lovely to see you at the Handmade Fair. I’ve not ventured to this Knitting and Stitching but the Sophie Digard designs look gorgeous – it would have been worth it just to see those. See you soon I hope xxxx


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