Pastel Mermaid Following on from the older girl’s mermaid tail that I wrote about a few weeks ago, I took up another commission, this time for a younger child.

This one is also worked in James C. Brett Marble Chunky colourway MC4, which is discontinued but I was able to source some from Texere Yarns in Bradford. The mill shop closed earlier this month but their mail order service is excellent and the postage rates are less than with many other retailers.

The pattern is inspired by a baby sized design from Kat Goldin at Slugs on the Refrigerator but with some significant changes:

The waistband starts with a round of foundation treble crochet, worked to nearest multiple of 6 stitches to the waist measurement given by the customer. Several rounds of alternate front and back post trebles are then used to form the ribbing, followed by one round of dc.

The tail is then worked in shell stitch (as in my very first hat pattern), and I used the suggested method from Kat’s pattern for the decrease near the end of the main section, followed by a few more rows before evening out the stitches in the final round to give a straighter edge (by working *tr, htr, htr, dc, htr, htr* and repeating this all around).

Holding the tail with the seam running down the centre back, the fin is worked in two parts, from the edge to the centre, through two layers of stitches, holding them together.

For the larger tail I joined the yarn to the outermost stitch of the last row, then chained 26. Here I chained 20 after joining in the yarn. Half trebles were then worked in the back loop of the second and each subsequent chain and then a dc into the next stitch of the tail end on both layers. The remaining rows are worked in htr, back loops only, up and down the  fin, skipping the last stitch each time when turning to give the tapered end, joining to the tail each time with a dc. For the last three or four I switched to dc in back loops only to reduce the bulkiness. When the centre stitch is reached, finish off and break off the yarn, leaving a short tail. Repeat this from the other side, leaving a slightly longer tail – approx 30cm – and use this one to sew or crochet the centre seam of the fin. Weave in all remaining ends.

Pastel Mermaid Shells


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