Tinkering with technology: widgets, plugins and wordpress.com

I’m still trying to work out the difference between widgets and plugins (though this article helps) but have found out that as a wordpress.com (not wordpress.org) user, I have access to the former and not the latter.

Having made a few attempts to add a Pinterest button to my blog, I eventually realised that it just wasn’t going to work because Javascript can’t be used in a text widget (simply put, a tool that you use to add a text box or linked image to every page).

Every time I tried to add a Pinterest button, half the text I copied disappeared! I then read around a little and discovered a handy alternative. Here it is in a few brief steps:

1. Select an image that you wish to use as the ‘button’ and add it to your media library on wordpress.com.

On this blog you’ll see a pinterest link in the footer and one to the Big Comic Relief Crafternoon in the sidebar. For one, I took a screen shot of my Pinterest profile and saved as a jpeg image; for the other, I saved the image that the Crafternoon social media button uses to my pc.

Comic Relief Crafternoon screenshot Pinterest screenshot2. From the toolbar in admin mode, select Appearance and Widgets, then Image.

widget3. Select the area of the page where you would like the widget to appear. Here you can see five options: the sidebar or any one of four footer areas. For the Crafternoon, I selected the sidebar.

4. Input the url of the image (you can find this by opening up another window/tab of your web browser, going to your wordpress.com media library and selecting the image in the media library; the url appears on the right hand side of the page), any title that you wish to add and then the url of the page to which you would like to link.

image widgetSave the widget and close it.

5. Go to a page on your blog (it doesn’t matter which as it should appear on all of them); the image should appear in the location that you selected. Click on it to check that it works.


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