Reading other bloggers’ reviews of their year has been helpful as I reflect on my own and am thankful for so many creative folk who bring inspiration and encouragement to keep going.

Spring Baby Hat

As I turned more of my time to crafting, sewing came first but crochet soon took over. I still sew occasionally for others and increasingly for my girls. I’d anticipated making far more of their clothes when they were very small but if anything it’s more fun now that they are able to take an active part in the design process (and I’m less sleep deprived!).

Since I started to crochet two years ago, I’d been slowly developing some patterns of my own but had struggled to write them down. However, it became easier with time and practice. The process still needs refining but it feels less terrifying than at first.

For several years, I spent much of my working life in testing financial systems and processes and writing documentation so this has been a fun way to put some of those skills to a more creative and colourful use.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working alongside some amazing creative people, have enjoyed helping some discover the basics of crochet for themselves and look forward to developing friendships further this year and finding my place in creative communities.

This year, I hope to write and design more, develop some new skills, revisit lino printing – something I’ve not done since my teens – and to seek a better balance between creative, family and spiritual life. That must, I feel, begin with a declutter of our home. I expect it to be a tough few weeks of letting go but hope to find freedom, physical and emotional breathing space as we emerge.

To close for now, here are a few of my own creative highlights.

Broomstick lace

Grace MandalaVendee Sweater

Rainbow hat and mittens Advent Hope Cosy Bunk Beds


























Babywearing Cover








Yarndale Lamppost

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