Christmas Crochet

One of the aspects of crochet that I love the most is the possibility of creating 3D art with only yarn and a hook. This wreath is a recent example, made with acrylic DK (light worsted weight) yarn and 4mm and 3.5mm hooks on a polystyrene wreath blank. It’s worked as a simple rectangular panel of double (in UK terms, as used from here onwards) crochet, made to fit round the widest part of the blank, short sides slip stitched together and then the panel folded arouIMG_20141206_085053nd the blank and ladder-stitched together at the back.

The holly leaves are freeform, with double, half treble and treble stitches and picots used to form the edges. Lucy’s Jolly Holly is a good alternative if you’re not sure about making up your own pattern. The berries are a single round of dc in an adjustable ring.

The stocking is based on Little Christmas Socks from Le Monde de Sucrette, though I looked at the photo and made this one based on it, rather than read the pattern.

I had seen a few other wreaths with big bows on them but couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I chained to the length I wanted for the long ties, then worked rows of dc with one slip stitch at each end to decrease the length gradually, and a dc border all around. The loops are a single rectangle worked in dc, as is the wrapped central piece. I then stitched the three parts together.


Having looked at poinsettias on Pinterest, I decided again to go freeform, as most would have been too big made in the yarn I had (New Fashion DK). For each petal: ch8, dc in one loop of second chain from the hook, then alternate dtr and tr along that side of the chain until the penultimate stitch. In the last stitch, (dc, dc, ch2, sl st in base of ch2, dc), then alternate htr and tr along the other side of the chain until the penultimate stitch. DC in the very last stitch and join to first dc with a sl st. I made 9 petals, and three leaves using the same method but working with a base chain of 10 rather than 8 and then stitched them together using a long tail on one of the leaves, so that the stitches showed up in the centre of the flower.

Each motif was then stitched in place on the wreath.  It’s now en route to its new home in the Outer Hebrides…





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