Lots of catching up to do

Rainbow hat and mittensWow, it’s been more than a month since I last posted here. I didn’t feel as if I had much to share with you and that has been frustrating but it’s good to back at the keyboard with a few highlights.

These mittens and hat were last week’s main project: a repeat order for a baby who had grown out of his first rainbow hat and my second attempt at mittens.



Cosy and Coastal Cosy at Coopers Cosy MittensOne of my current crochet joys is joining in Lucy of Attic24’s Cosy CAL (crochet-along). Last Friday and today, I took it with me to the Friday morning group at Coopers in Skipton. It was interesting to compare it with Lucy’s original, as our tension is so different and mine is more than 40cm/16″ wider, despite having the same number of stitches! These stripy mittens were my second pair of last week and our 4 year old is very happy with them <3. I’m still working on a Coastal blanket too, though progress on that has slowed somewhat.








Vintage CraftsLast week in Skipton I called into one of my favourite shops, Birdcage.

It’s a treasure trove of vintage textiles and craft materials, patterns and books, amongst which I spotted this one. Suddenly, childhood memories came flooding back, as this was a book that I spent many hours browsing through in my early crafting years. The cherry edging is something I have wanted to make ever since I first started to crochet and the coat is simply astonishing.



Cherries Eagle Coat








Vintage blouse This comes from another crochet book that I found a few weeks ago in a nearby charity shop, dated 1955. It is, I think, absolutely stunning. I’ve been picking up a few vintage sewing patterns too but haven’t made any progress with those.

This next week, I hope to finish off some pattern writing and so will be back soon.

For now, I wish you a blessed weekend.

Eleanor. x

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