Quick Broomstick Lace Summer Scarf


I have had this yarn – Rico Design Fashion Summer Print, colour 001 – for about a year and suddenly thought yesterday that I could try some broomstick lace with it. It’s 100% cotton tape, 65m/50g per ball, and I used one ball for this project.

One of my first tutorials was about this technique and this could be a good way to try it out with fairly quick results.

To begin, chain 13

R1: Turn and work 1 dc(sc) into the second stitch from the hook and each of the remaining stitches (12dc including turning chain).

R2: pull up the loop on the hook and place it on the knitting needle,  then pull up a loop of yarn through each of the subsequent 11 stitches and place them on the knitting needle.

R3: Lift three loops off the knitting needle with your hook (insert it from right to left), work a locking stitch (see the tutorial for how to do this) and then work 3 dc (sc) in the loops. Pick up the next 3 loops and work 3dc(sc) in those and repeat twice more (12dc).

Repeat R2, R3, R2 until you have reached the desired length or used almost all of your yarn, then finish with one or two rows of dc(sc). Weave in ends. Buttons can be added and the ‘eyes’ of the stitches used as buttonholes if you wish.

This scarf is destined to be a end of year gift for my elder daughter’s school teacher and I plan to make more for Christmas in some beautiful Mirasol alpaca yarn.

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