Elizabeth: a bag with a purpose and a story

I no longer feel the need to tell my story over and over again, though for the first couple of years after my elder daughter’s birth, that was not the case. Her arrival was difficult and traumatic, and though she was fine after a day or so, it took me a long time to overcome the emotions and let go.

Why am I telling you this? There’s a project starting in Bradford, part of which involves enabling mothers to tell their stories and to gain access to counselling if they need it, which can often be difficult or impossible. When I heard about the fundraising drive for the project, I asked myself how I could help. Once I’d seen Sarah Travis’ beautiful artwork, the idea for this bag started to develop.

The bag and pattern will both be donated to the project to help with the fundraising. Here’s the prototype, which I finished this morning. It’s made with Wendy Supreme Cotton DK, like some of the mandalas, which comes from the town where I live and work and is available in a stunning range of colours.

If like me you have experienced birth trauma, there is help and there is hope. In the UK, NCT, the Birth Crisis Network and AIMS can all offer support and a listening ear and can help you find more specialised help if needed. You are not alone.



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