Beginners’ Crochet Flower Tutorial


These are the flowers that we made on Saturday at a beginners’ workshop at I Love Vera in Ilkley. They use three stitches, the same as are needed for a granny square, a tutorial for which will be coming soon. Here I assume that you can hold the yarn and hook in a way that feels comfortable and allows you to control the yarn and tension to some extent. This tutorial from Moogly may be helpful for a reminder.


1. Start with a slip knot: draw a circle with your yarn (I’m using King Cole Cottonsoft DK here, with a 4mm hook), then with the long end, make another loop and draw it through the first one and on to the hook, then close the loop (not too tight).










2. Yarn over hook, and draw the loop created through the stitch on your hook. This is your first chain.

3. Chain 3 more stitches; here you can see the knot, four sets of two loops that look like braids (with a third loop under each pair) and a stitch on the hook, which is the working stitch and is not counted.

4. Insert your hook into the stitch nearest to the knot, between the two upper loops





5. Catch the yarn with the hook and pull it through both loops. This creates a small ring, into which you will be working.










6. Chain 3; you now have a ring – the flower centre – with a tail, which forms the start of the first petal.




7. Yarn over hook (towards you) and insert the hook into the centre of the ring

8. Yarn over hook again, then draw the yarn back through the ring;





now you have three loops on the hook





9. Yarn over hook and draw through two loops;





two loops now remain on the hook


10. Yarn over hook again and draw through two loops, leaving one loop on the hook. This completes the treble crochet stitch.


11. Chain 3; you now have a ring, a part petal formed of 3 chain stitches and a treble, and a tail of 3 chain stitches.


12. Slip stitch into the ring: insert the hook into the centre of the ring, catch the yarn, draw it through the ring and through the loop on the hook. This completes the first petal.



13. Repeat steps 6-12 to create the number of petals of your choice.






14. Here, the fifth petal has been completed, the yarn has been cut allowing a tail of approx 20cm (8″) and the loop on the hook after the slip stitch is drawn up to allow the yarn tail to be pulled through it and drawn up tight.







The flower is completed. If I’m going to glue the flower on to, for example,  a hair clip then I tie the two yarn tails together in a reef knot at the back of the flower, or I sew one in and use the other to sew the flower on to, for example, a hat, as seen here. These hats were worked in a Patons mercerised cotton DK and the flowers in embroidery threads on a small hook:



Flower beanies

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me via my Facebook page

NNN. x



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